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Cleaning Solutions 

The benefits of having a clean workplace or house is undeniable; you feel more motivated for work and have more family time when everything is in order and clean.

You’re less stressed without dust or sticky coffee spills on your table. 

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Our Services 

Gardening: Our Gardening service will assist you in maintaining  your area outdoor area  
clean and organized this will contribute to your overall  well-being, 
Our gardening services consists of, once a week 4 hours maintenance.


Maintenance: our team will assess your  house or office, and make the necessary planning to
repair all that is needed. The maintenance agent will pass by to do spot checks normally
once a week. If any emergency after working hours,
our Maintenance Agent will be on call available for assistance.

Cleaning Services: Our cleaning services will make sure to leave your office
or home spotless.
We will take care of your cleaning needs for you. 

Our Cleaning Services for office consists of:

➢ General Intense cleaning: Bathrooms, Offices, Kitchen.
➢ Supervision
➢ Biological Products

Our Cleaning Services for houses consists of:

➢ General intense cleaning: Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen,
Living Room, Dining Room, Backyard (if required).

Air Conditioning Service: All major equipment needs routine maintenance to keep
it running reliably. Regular servicing of your air conditioner will provide you
with a number of benefits, such as: Recovered efficiency, Reduced
chances of costly breakdowns,  Prolonged Unit Lifespan.
● Your comfort will be increased.

Cleaning Consultant Profession: Our professional with 25 years of
experience as Executive Housekeeper, will ensure the
quality of service we stand for.


Biodegradable product sales:  When your home or business is cleaned in an eco-friendly
mannerby a specialist cleaning service, the indoor air quality is significantly improved.
This minimizes health issues like headaches and irritations caused by pollutants
like irritants, dangerous compounds, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
in your atmosphere and in the areas where you sleep.

For mo re information regarding our Cleaning Solution that includes:
General Cleaning + Products + Supervision including labor, contact us at +297-5880081.

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