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Education Center

With over 30 years of experience in the Human Resource Sector, we discovered that there are various factors that plays a role in the reintegration of candidates into the work field . After acknowledging the characteristics and the diversity of the candidates;
we encourage and empower proper education, training of skill sets
in each of our candidates to achieve success.

This helps improve the influence of behavior, appearance and language
on the labor market opportunities.

Engineering Class

Learning Method

Our Learning Center works with this unique 'Development Cycle Method' offering personalized
customized courses, paid work opportunities, mentoring and training.

The re-education of fundamental- and development of essential skills; such as leadership,
resilience, effective communication and team work aims to support a more successful,
employable future for the specific target group.


PEDEL has created a special skill set program that is tailored made for the interest
of each client individually. 

How it works:

  • We conduct proper personal assessment to cluster the interest of each client using
    the PDP Model (Personal Development Plan)


  •  Our personality and leadership training,  helps with changing the behavior,
    appearance and language barrier.


  • Tailor made workshops and trainings that will help the client acknowledge
    his/her talent(s) based on the above mention PDP


  •  Help create roadmap per individual

  • Cluster the groups by interest and start with more thoroughly courses based on area of interest

  • Conduct ‘huddle training’ based on re-integration in the workforce as well
    maintaining the employment


  • Get that Job Method and skill learning to Keeping that Job mentality

  • Re-integration and the management of social clients via the PEDEL Project based
    Manpower Recruitment Agency and HR Consultancy


  • Aftercare: personal mentoring, coaching and refresh courses of leadership
    and skill developments to get that Goal.



Here at PEDEL you can also create your own educational plan. Together with our Educational
Leader, we will make an assessment of your personal and/or business needs and wants -
and create a tailor made educational package proposal that fits your purpose. 

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